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Although many people have heard of Weston Price, not everyone realizes he was a dentist. A man ahead of his time, Dr. Price was one of the first to suggest a relationship between nutrition, dental health, and physical health. He studied the nutrition and overall health of a wide range of cultures, taking particular note of the amount of processed foods and sugars consumed by these cultures. His research led him to conclude that the introduction of a “modern Western diet” was associated not only with a decline in the dental and overall health of the people who ate those foods, but in their offspring he also noticed a developmental decline in proper facial bone structure – resulting in overcrowding of teeth.

Taking care of our dental health today not only affects our overall health in ways we may not realize, but, according to Dr. Price’s research, our choices can also affect the overall health, future dental health – possibly including the need for orthodontics – of our children. We have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy of health through the choices we make. Why not start building that legacy today?

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