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Who on your list could use a dental related Christmas gift?

Let’s face it: giving the gift of health can sound… boring.  Gift certificates to the dentist (yes, we do that!) sound pretty blah, but could be one of the best gifts you ever give.  To add some fun-factor, here are some ideas for everyone on your list! (Amazon links included!):

Expectant mothers: Pregnancy can be an especially hazardous season for the mother’s oral health. Recent studies suggest critical links between a pregnant woman’s dental status and the health of the baby, while increased hormone levels frequently cause gingivitis. Combine the gift of an exam and cleaning along with some pickle-flavored toothpaste (YUM and yes this really can be found!) and floss for those expectant and new moms on your list!

Engaged couples: All soon-to-be married couples (and family members!) want bright white smiles for their big day! We offer in-office whitening as well as overnight trays for at-home use, and even on-the-go strips. Give them the gift of a cleaning and check-up along with tooth whitening  – and throw in a denture-shaped ice cube tray for good measure!

Children and Grandchildren: Books such as The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist and Dora The Explorer Show Me Your Smile are great gifts to get little ones started on their dental health journey!  You can gift your children and grandchildren with dental exams too, or just bring them with you to your own dental visit to be an example to them of how important their health is – and while they’re here they can experience riding up and down in the dentist’s chair for the first time!

Daughters and Granddaughters: Barbie’s “I Can Be A Dentist”  play set is a fun way to help young girls consider their future options.  We would be happy to talk with your kids about what we do too!

Teenagers and all ages:  Who doesn’t want straight teeth? Invisible orthodontics can be a great option for many people, and we do these right in our office.  Along with a tooth-shaped cookie cutter, gift loved ones a dental exam to determine if these simple appliances are right for them, and we can get them started!

Baking enthusiasts and sweet-tooths:  Cupcake-flavored floss, toothpaste and a tooth-shaped cookie cutter combine perfectly with a dental gift certificate!

Coffee drinkers: Fill a tooth mug with coffee-flavored floss and a dental exam gift!

Animal lovers: Bacon-flavored treats for dogs and cats, along with bacon-flavored dental items for their owner would be fun, along with a vet dental cleaning and a human one too!

For the health-conscious or health-compromised: Mayo Clinic confirms that oral health may be linked with a myriad of diseases including diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, obesity, eating disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, pregnancy issues such as premature birth, and more.  To show how much you care, put together a care basket that includes a comprehensive exam that includes an oral cancer screening, personalized dental disease risk assessment and a customized prevention program designed just for them.

I hope these ideas are fun for you, and even more than that- I hope for you to take oral health very seriously. It truly is a gift.  My team and I would be happy to help you with any of these ideas or other questions you may have. Always feel free to give us a call.

If you have other dental gift ideas, please share them below! Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Your grateful partner in health,

Dr. Mike