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Updated May 12th, 2020

The NEWS is continuously changing, particularly with regard to COVID-19 / “Coronavirus”.  We want you to know that Teuscher Legacy Dental is always monitoring the most up-to-date news, alerts, and safety precautions. What will NOT change is our ongoing commitment to YOU. The needs of our patients are our #1 priority, including your interests, comfort and safety. We are now open for all dental procedures. If you have any questions, there is more information on our COVID-19 Update page, and you can always give us a call.

May 12th:

The Illinois Department of Public Health has advised that Illinois Dental practices are fully open for all procedures.

We are now open!

Your well-being is always our top priority. We are committed to be the safest possible office and environment for both our patients and team. For more information, check out our dedicated COVID-19 Update page.

May 4th:

In following Illinois’s “Shelter in Place” modified extension, we are planning to officially reopen our office on June 1st.

Our team is working hard during this time to learn and plan for a safe and successful return. We are getting everything ready: PPE protocols, pre-appointment coronavirus screenings, staggered scheduling to reduce the number of people in the office at a given time, antibiotic mouth washes, and innovative suction systems to eliminate aerosols, just to name a few.  We will be posting more updates soon about how we’ll be back ready to serve you better than before! 

We continue to see patients with emergencies and other time sensitive needs. We are monitoring our phones every day, so if you have any questions or concerns, give us a call!

As always, we are paying close attention to the guidance of the CDC, ADA, ISDS, and Illinois government. We hope you and your family are well, and look forward to seeing you soon!


March 26th:

We’re living in interesting times! To protect our patients and team and to honor our medical colleagues requests, we have suspended all routine dental care until April 8th. This is in line with Illinois’s “Shelter in Place” order, as well as guidelines from the ADA and ISDS. We are still seeing emergency patients.

To protect our patients and team, and to honor our medical colleagues requests, we have suspended all routine dental care until April 8th.

As always, if you are experiencing pain, swelling, or have another urgent need, we will still take care of you. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call or text. We are monitoring our phones daily.

In the mean time, our team is using this as an opportunity to learn new skills and improve our current systems. We’ve also been able to enjoy a little more downtime to relax with some of our favorite hobbies. To see some of what we’ve been up to, check out our Facebook page.

Be safe, be healthy, be Blessed!

March 23rd:

To protect our patients and team, and to honor our medical colleagues requests, we have suspended all routine dental care at this time.

This is in line with the ADA, ISDS, and other health organizations, in addition to the recent “Shelter in Place” protocol. We will keep you informed, but in the meantime, we will offer care on an emergency basis only. The ADA defines a dental emergency in great detail, but basically if you are experiencing pain, swelling, or have another urgent need, we will be sure to take care of you.

If you or your family have any questions or concerns, please call us, as we continue to monitor our phones. From all of us at Teuscher Dental, be safe and be healthy!

March 18th:

We are making decisions on a daily basis based on the best information we can receive from credible sources in dentistry and medicine, along with the CDC and WHO.  The health of the people who trust us for their and their families’ care, and the health of our team and their families is TOO important to take risks with non-essential procedures.
We will be available for emergency situations and for any questions that anybody might have. Elective dental procedures, including most hygiene procedures, are postponed until next Monday and will be rescheduled. Again, if you are experiencing pain or have any questions, please call us.  We appreciate your understanding and willingness to make this sacrifice with us as we all do everything that we can to ensure public well-being.

March 16th:

Last week, we brought in a leading expert on infectious diseases and infection control

The expert checked out our facilities and talked in depth with our staff. Not only were we reassured that our sterilization and sanitation measures are the best in the business, but we were also told that the products we use – which effectively kill concerns such as HIV and Hepatitis – also kill the relatively weaker Coronavirus COVID-19. 

What we are doing in light of recent news:

  • We have always been dedicated to exceeding even the most stringent OSHA protocols for maintaining a sterile environment.
  • For patients who have appointments, we are screening for illness risk factors such as recent travel to foreign countries and any current or recent symptoms.
  • We are choosing to remove from our reception areas items that are frequently touched, such as magazines, pens and our coffee machine.
  • In addition to our sterilization procedures in each operatory before and after every patient, we are also committed to disinfecting our reception and restroom areas twice an hour – including all door handles, faucet handles and light switches.

What you can do while you are here:

  • We ask that you sanitize your hands when you arrive, using hand sanitizer dispensers we have provided for you.
  • We also request that you use the provided hand sanitizer dispenser as you check out at our front desk.

What we can ALL do:

  • Wash our hands frequently. Soap and water is best.
  • We’ve probably all heard not to touch our faces, including eyes, nose and mouth. But if we MUST touch our face, it is best to wash or sanitize our hands both before AND afterward.
  • Resist touching our faces with (or chewing on) pens, pencils, fingernails.
  • Cover a sneeze or cough with our inner elbow (if possible) or a tissue.
  • Avoid touching often-touched items, and wash hands after touching these things, also sanitize these things at home if possible: door knobs, faucet handles, toilet handles, light switches, remote controls, refrigerator and other appliance handles, buttons like on elevators and cash machines or check-out registers, even your cell phone, computer and your vehicle’s steering wheel.
  • Resist shaking hands or having close contact with others who are sick.
  • Stay home and away from others if we feel sick, and call a physician for advice.
  • Get plenty of rest, eat properly, drink plenty of fluids, do our best to stay healthy.
Remember that we can always safely “touch” others with a smile, a kind encouragement, an act of kindness, prayer, and compassionate humanity.
Stay calm and use wisdom rather than give in to irrational fear. What we are facing can be scary, for sure, but let’s face it with heart, community, sensitivity, and grace.