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Mission & Services

Our Mission, Values, Culture and Focus drive us to provide the best patient-centered care possible. Our offerings reflect our mission- to serve!


Our Mission is To Serve. Everything we do revolves around caring for you. We want to bless our patients by providing the best wholistic care we possibly can, and we are excited to seek improvement every day. Our patients entrust us with their health.  We take that responsibility seriously and vow to always honor that trust. We will always put your needs first. You’ll never see us pushing unnecessary procedures or pressuring you into treatment options. Instead, our desire is to educate you on your health and allow you to be in the driver’s seat. Our approach is to provide you with relevant data  and our expertise so that you can take ownership and make wise, informed healthcare decisions.


We want to Help You Get Healthy and Stay That Way. At Teuscher Dental, we take an overall and wholistic view in determining the best course of care for you.

Our goal is not just solely to fix dental problems, but rather assist in the creation of your long term health. We emphasize patient education so that you understand your health, how and why we are treating you, and how your daily activities play a role in both risk and prevention. Through your education you will be equipped to make informed treatment decisions, but perhaps more importantly, you’ll  know how to maintain your oral health every day.


It starts with a Healthy Staff. We will be physically healthy in order to protect you, and we also strive to be spiritually, emotionally, and mentally healthy. We believe this wholistic approach to our own health allows us to better serve you.

We will also have a Healthy Team. Our team works together to bring you the best experience we possibly can. We combine our skills and care synergistically, such that the care we provide as a team is much better than the sum of what we’d be able to provide individually. We also enjoy working together, and that creates a joyful atmosphere in our office.

Teuscher Dental is a Learning Organization, meaning that we are open and responsive to all types of feedback. From continuing education courses to sharing our daily experiential learning, we continually are making incremental enhancements. We are committed to seeking constant improvement to care that’s already excellent.

Finally, we seek to develop an environment conducive to High Trust and Safe Dialogue. We trust each other on our team, knowing that each team member’s primary interest is caring for our patients. But we also want to cultivate trust with you, so that we can be clear and honest about how we are caring for you. Our patients can trust us enough to be honest about their concerns, all the while knowing we have their best interests at heart.


Most importantly, we value YOU. The Patient’s Needs Always Come First. We appreciate and take seriously the responsibility of taking good care of you and your family.

We Will Meet Your Needs as a Team. At Teuscher Dental, we pride ourselves on having an entire team devoted to your care from the moment you step into the reception area. Our team works synergistically, leveraging our separate roles and skillsets to create an outstanding and excellent experience for you and your family.

We vow to deliver Excellence in All We Do. We make great investments to have the best, cutting edge knowledge, the highest level facilities, and the most effective technology so that we can treat you optimally. We love what we do – we will never stop learning or improving in order to serve you even better.

We also value Wise Stewardship. This applies to caring for you as a patient, and also to your and your family’s privacy. We strive to make decisions as a family that reflect our gratitude to the Lord and our patients. This encompasses social, financial, and environmental responsibility.

Services Offered

We strive to provide you and your family with wholistic, patient centered dental care. Our Mission, Values, Culture, and Focus are evident in each of our service offerings. This is not a comprehensive list, but hopefully serves to show the breadth of expertise Dr. Teuscher has. Essentially, whatever care you need we will make sure to provide. Here is some of what we offer:

  Prophylactic oral hygiene treatment leaves your teeth feeling clean, but also is a primary defense against the development and progression of oral diseases like caries.
  Hopefully you don’t need one of these! But we make em look pretty, and we make them to last.
Crowns and Bridges
  A variety of shades and materials are available depending on location and aesthetic concern.
Whitening Treatments
  We offer in-office treatment as well as a variety of home care options. Different solutions suit the unique needs of individual patients. We will help you find the best one to make your smile more bright and beautiful!
Second Opinion Consults
  Often patients are confused or skeptical about treatments recommended to them, or just want more assurance about a given treatment plan. Dr Teuscher is aligned with what is in your best interest, and is happy to review your case with you.
Consults for other Dental Professionals
  If you are a dental professional and have a tricky case, Dr. Teuscher can help. With over 30 years experience, he has seen a wide variety of complex cases and is willing to offer his expertise and advice.